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Shipping, Sizing & Currency Information


Omerch Ltd. is a UK based company, and all products for sale on this store are shipped from fulfilment partners in the UK.
In most cases Shipping charges added to customer’s baskets are calculated on a total package weight based system. This model allows for customers of more than one item, for example a traditional album + T Shirt bundle, to pay a more accurate rate for their order’s delivery.
Baskets containing items that are available on pre-order (not in stock), alongside others which are in stock will be charged for the two shipments and the items shipped separately.
Baskets containing items that are shipped from different fulfilment partners in the UK will be charged for the separate shipments.

International Orders and Customs
EU customers: for orders totalling under €150 we are obliged to collect VAT on goods sold through the EU's IOSS Scheme. In most cases this means that the customer will have no import VAT or customs duties to pay before their goods are released from their local customs authority. For orders over €150 we do not collect VAT and in most cases the customer will need to pay import VAT and customs duty before their goods are released from their local customs authority.
Other International customers should check with their local customs authority to see if they are liable to pay any import VAT and customs duties.

Print on Demand
Some products are supplied to order ie "Print on Demand", and will be stated as such on the listing page. These items are dispatched direct from various third party suppliers internationally, with the Shipping charges added to customer’s baskets containing those products reflecting the rates of each supplier. Check product descriptions of "Print on Demand" items for further details, as some only ship via a more expensive tracked service, whilst others do not accept returns for items made to order.


Standard Sizing (May vary slightly depending on brand)

S – 34/36”
M – 38/40”
L – 42/44”
XL – 46/47”
XXL – 50/52”
3XL – 54/56’’
4XL – 58/60’’
5XL – 62/64’’
* 4XL-5XL size T-shirts may be supplied in heavy rather than softstyle as described due to stock availability.

Fitted / Girls / Women's / Ladies T-Shirts
S – UK 8/10 / 34-36''
M – UK 10/12 / 38-40''
L – UK 12/14 / 42-44''
XL – UK 14/16 / 46-48''
XXL – UK 18/20 / 50-52''

S – 36”
M – 40”
L – 44”
XL – 48”
XXL – 52”


Our store provider uses a currency converter so you may see, and be able to pay, for your items in your local currency. You'll see the prices in the local currency connected to your geographical IP location, if this currency is available on the store. If it isn't available, we will show you the price in GBP.
When we show you the price in your local currency, the currency conversions applied may be higher than the current exchange rate, and it is possible to change the currency to GBP so you can avoid any currency conversion, therefore paying the true cost of the product.
To change currency, scroll to the bottom of the page within your Basket or on the Shop's main page and select GBP in the drop down menu.
Note that your Credit or Debit card provider may apply their own charges when you pay in a foreign currency.